Our Services

TaxLane, LLC represents individuals and businesses before the IRS across the Western Pennsylvania.

Regardless of your location we can help.

We regularly represent clients in a variety of tax and business matters, including but not limited to:

Wage garnishment removal

The IRS is one of the few creditors that can garnish your wages without a court order. Act promptly, and contact us as soon as you receive any notice from the IRS.

Individual and business tax planning

Avoid all tax problems with proper planning. Learn how we can help!

Tax audit and controversy

An IRS audit can be a very stressful experience. If you’re not used to dealing with the IRS, an encounter with a Revenue Agent can be incredibly stressful. We can remove a lot of that stress - Learn how

Settlement of Back Payroll Taxes

Navigating the settlement of back payroll taxes should not be undertaken without help. Our experience allows us to negotiate on your behalf and attempt to reach a result that enables you to catch up on your prior obligations while keeping your business open.

Back Tax Returns

We can assist you by determining what outstanding obligations you have and preparing tax returns for you for prior years. Once we bring you into compliance, we can start the process of dealing with the amount you owe.

Lien and levy removal

We have extensive experience in working with the IRS to resolve lien and levy issues. Let us navigate the labyrinth of IRS rules and regulations to get you the relief that you are entitled to.

Settlement of tax debts and penalty abatement

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