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Tax Audit and Controversy

An IRS audit can be a very stressful experience. If you’re not used to dealing with the IRS, an encounter with a Revenue Agent can be incredibly stressful. We can remove a lot of that stress by stepping into your shoes and dealing with the IRS for you. We know the specific areas that IRS Agents like to review, and we know the rules that will best protect you. In most cases, our clients never speak with or meet with the IRS.

One of the most important things in handling an IRS audit is to get out ahead of it and try and limit the scope and duration of the audit. Our professionals deal with IRS Agents on a regular basis and they know what it takes to get through an audit as quickly and cleanly as possible. In general, the longer an audit runs, the more exposure you have to audit adjustments, interest, and penalties.
How an audit is handled is incredibly important, especially if you don’t agree with the Revenue Agent’s determinations and plan on appealing the audit results. A poorly handled audit will often result in significantly higher adjustments and may likely compromise your chances with IRS Appeals.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can handle an audit on your own. The money you save in fees will likely be more than lost in increased audit adjustments and penalties. Audits are also unbelievably time consuming – often taking you away from work or running your business. Allow our professionals to take over and remove that stress so that you can focus on the important things.