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We provide tax solutions that improve the quality of your life.

We represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and various state taxing authorities as well as provide strategies for businesses and individuals that result in better financial futures.

You will never, EVER see TaxLane participate in any scare tactics to get your business. Sometimes serious problems arise that require serious solutions. It doesn’t mean the sky is falling. Taxation is our speciality and we can help you or your business.


There are a lot of companies out there.  They are not like TaxLane.


Two things we wont do, ever:

1.  We wont fuel your fears with exaggerations. 

2.  We wont promise you something we don’t believe is possible. 

Two things we will do, always:

1.  We will give you an honest opinion that is backed by experience and knowledge.

2.  We will make our fees transparent and directly related to the value we provide.

Client Testimonials

His work ethic is impeccable and he is trustworthy.

Paul C.

IRS had levied me, Steve was able to get it released almost as soon as I hung the phone up, after our first conversation.


TaxLane was extraordinarily helpful in resolving my issues with the IRS. Thank you Steve for all of your help.

Erik P.

Steve represents individual and business clients in a variety of tax matters including planning, audits, IRS settlements and compromises and business disputes. I have made referrals to him in this regard and I highly recommend his services.

Kimberly K.